George W. Bush Danced at the Dallas Memorial and People Are Displeased

  • George W. Bush is more than just a target of parody (like Will Ferrell’s memorable impersonation). He’s become a parody himself.

    The former President spoke recently at the memorial for the victims of the tragic shootings in Dallas. The speech he gave was heartfelt, moving, and appeared to come from an honest place of hurt and real emotion. It’s what came after the speech that has everyone talking.

    While the choir behind him sang “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” Dubya got into a weird, swaying dance motion. The people he stands in a human chain with, including the President and First Lady, look visibly uncomfortable — and he wears a big smile. See the original video for yourself:

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  • Bush has drawn widespread condemnation for what many are calling a moment of poor judgment and worse taste. But not everyone is onboard the anti-Bush train. Democratic political strategist Donna Brazile tweeted, “He was feeling the spirit. Please, allow him to sway on.” Brian Beutler, writing for The New Republic, called the moment “endearing.”

    What do you think? Was Bush’s literal dancing at a funeral insensitive or endearing? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.