Norman Reedus Hilariously Pranks Andrew Lincoln With a Glitter Bomb

  • Are you still all mad about the hot garbage that was the Walking Dead season six finale? Cool off with a little air conditioning… and a classic prank!

    Norman Reedus, the actor who plays everyone’s favorite TWD character Daryl Dixon, stuffed glitter into the air conditioning system of fellow TWD star Andrew Lincoln’s car. Here’s the original video from Reedus’s Facebook:

  • This is everything you want from a prank — not too mean-spirited, with funny reactions from both the prankster and the victim. Lincoln is NOT pleased, while Reedus can’t stop laughing at his shiny suffering.

    The video has gone viral, earning over 13 million views and 200,000 shares on Facebook. Since then, Reedus has been posting up a storm during Comic-Con, with almost two dozen posts on his Instagram in just a few days.

    Reedus is promoting season seven of The Walking Dead, which premieres in October. Here’s the Comic-Con teaser for the new season:

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