The Clintons Lost Their Damn Minds Over Balloons at the DNC

  • Perhaps as a part of their never-ending uphill battle to make Hillary Clinton seem like a human person rather than an animatronic policy robot in a skin suit with a lot to say about Trump, last night the Clintons got irrationally excited by balloons. (They also may have felt genuine joy, but this is the internet, where we don’t acknowledge such things.)

    First, Hillary made the face of a child on Christmas morning when the balloons were dropped:

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  • Then Bill started playing with them:

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  • This guy got in on it, too:

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  • Bill even refused to share his balloon with a girl:

  • (For what it’s worth, he ended up giving that balloon to his granddaughter, Charlotte.)

    (But still. What the hell, Bill?)

    Our host Anna Lore has some of the best tweets from Balloongate 2016 in the video above. Check it out, unless you hate fun!

    What do you think? Was the Clintons’ balloon joy genuine, or is this all LIBERAL MEDIA NANNY STATE BULLSH*T? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!