Watch People Try to Build IKEA Furniture While Tripping Balls

  • IKEA inspires some strong emotions in people. Whether you have love for their sturdy, borderline-unbreakable furniture (which is actually totally breakable) or hatred for their inscrutable naming system, we can all agree on one thing: trying to actually build their furniture can drive even the most put-together person up the wall.
    HIKEA Productions does not deal with put-together people. The channel, which launched this week, features people blitzed out of their mind on illicit substances doing their damnedest to build furniture from IKEA. The results are pretty much what you’d expect: a whole lot of screwing up and wanting to be done with it.

    If it sounds like a bad idea to hand screwdrivers and hammers to people flipped out on hallucinogens, it’s because it probably is. That’s to say nothing of the legal liability involved, as the participants are seen actually taking drugs. (They also pretty clearly rip off the IKEA logo — I’m sure corporate will have something to say about that.)

    All that said, the results are pretty entertaining. So far there are only two videos on the channel: one featuring a couple taking LSD:

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  • And another featuring a guy in a D.A.R.E. shirt eating shrooms and trying to build a desk:

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  • The videos are age-restricted and feature a disclaimer (“Drugs are bad, don’t do drugs”), but between the druggy content and the copyright issues, we wouldn’t be surprised if they get taken down. In other words, watch them while you can!

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