Are Killer Clowns Coming For You? Probably Not, BUT WHAT IF THEY ARE?


  • There’s a new trend setting the country ablaze – creepy clown sightings. You know, the thing everybody wants least to be the latest trend. Not even someone as charming as Joe Jonas can make clowns un-horrifying.

    The trend was started by clown sightings in Greenville, South Carolina. In the sightings, the clowns were luring children into the forest with candy, money, and flashing lights. But honestly, who wouldn’t fall for that enticing trap? Police never found evidence of these clowns, but many more reports came out of the same place.

    And now, in the age of internet trolls, more sightings from nearly every state have popped up. This included video of a clown creep lurking around Central Florida. This led to York College putting out a safety alert about clowns. Clown threats in Ohio led to multiple school closings, and one man in Kentucky was arrested for harassing people.

    Which leaves just one option: every time you see a clown, run. Just run.

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