How Much Money Are Your Favorite YouTubers Really Making?


  • Up until now, the latest YouTube drama has largely surrounded Casey Neistat challenging YouTubers to endorse Hillary Clinton in the upcoming presidential election.

    It is normal for hot topics, as such, to spark conversation within the YouTube community every so often, but one topic that has been the constant “elephant in the room” is how much money YouTube content creators make. Careers in this realm of entertainment are fairly new, and have many wondering how a select few have become so financially successful in a short amount of time.

    This type of information is not easily accessible, but thanks to YouTuber FouseyTube’s Kanye-esque Twitter rant, we now know that some content creators are allegedly making $200,000+ a month.

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  • These tweets sparked major conversation among YouTubers like Phil DeFranco, who decided to tackle the topic themselves and clear the air about their own salaries.

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  • What most people fail to realize is that YouTube content creators make their money from more than one source; it is not unusual that they work with certain brands to promote products to their audiences and develop products of their own.

    Though I understand that YouTubers already share much of their lives on the Internet, audiences feeling the need to know their salaries is a bet extensive.

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