Nasty Women, Bad Hombres, and the Death of Democracy: Debate 3 Recap


  • So last night marked the third and final Presidential debate between candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. (Read our recaps of the first two debates here and here.) Some stuff was said, some tweets were fired.

    For instance, Trump sparked some superb hashtags like #BadHombres, which is a term he used to describe undocumented immigrants. He notably called Hillary a “nasty woman”, and basically said the whole country is going down in flames.

    Surprisingly enough, Trump kept his name-calling to a minimum, although it didn’t stop him from interrupting Clinton again and again. Clinton brought her A-Game, and didn’t hesitate to fire right back at her opponent using his own brutal tactics. There’s nothing normal about this election, we’re all well aware of that, but Prez debate 3 was definitely the most, err, Presidential? Sorta?

    Trump also said that he wouldn’t accept the election results if he didn’t win. He said he’ll “keep us in suspense till then”…okay? Anyways here’s some fun tweets from last night.

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  • And a nice note from Nancy Pelosi.

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  • And there you have it. One more Presidential debate in the bag. Who the F is going to run our country for the next four years? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.