Starbucks Uncle Calmly Reads Newspaper While City Floods Around Him


  • Starbucks Uncle isn’t the hero we deserve. But the Internet got him anyways!

    Hong Kong is currently being bombarded with heavy rains and major flooding. While this might strike some people as troublesome, our very own Starbucks Uncle barely noticed. In fact, he was so immersed in his morning coffee and news routine that this flood might not even be happening. Starbucks Uncle is being heralded as “the bravest of us all” and “the only person who makes sense in 2016”, say what you will about patience being a virtue.

    We saw, we came, and we Photoshopped. Now, Starbucks Uncle is riding the waves of tsunamis, chilling at ground zero, and certainly not paying any attention to you. Oh and Twitter noticed too!

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  • There were some comparisons between Starbucks Uncle and Pork Bun Aunty.

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