A Guy Dressed Like a Tree Got Arrested, and Yes, There Were Tree Puns


  • If you’re not a fan of puns, like that woman with the annoying boyfriend at IKEA, you better leaf now.

    This week, a man in Portland, Maine got arrested for interrupting the flow of traffic at an intersection. The twist? He was dressed as a tree, for reasons that still have not been made clear.

    According to the Washington Post, 30-year-old Asher Woodworth (presumably a real name and not just two more tree puns) got dressed from head to toe in tree garb and started crossing the street so slowly that police had no choice to arrest him. Why dress as a tree? That’s between Woodworth and his pastor(al landscape).

    Here’s the original Twitter video of Woodworth’s arrest:

  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • And here’s another tweet with a little more backstory:

  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • As for tree puns… well, you’ll just have to watch our video with host Alex Farnham for a few of the best of them. It’s embedded above. Don’t worry, there’s more than tree puns — there’s four!

    Fine, fine, here’s one: Q. What’s a Woodworth? A. A night in jail, apparently.

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