Is the Political System Rigged? Nah, but Watch This Anyway


  • So you might have noticed that there has been a lot of talk (mostly from Donald Trump) lately about the election potentially being rigged, and/or especially bias against his candidacy. The YouTube channel Vlogbrothers’ John Green sat us down to let us know that, unlike Olympic boxing and CounterStrike gambling, it is in fact NOT rigged. And boy did he drop some knowledge. Check it out:

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  • Way back in the day, we apparently set up the country in a very particular way to avoid cheating the polls. As John Green mentions in the video, you’d have to rig fifty one different elections to rig the full election, which is pretty much impossible to do without getting caught. So I guess Trump will just have to keep complaining about this conspiracy until (and probably after) the election. Cheers!

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