The Slow Mo Guys Waxed Their Legs, and It Looked Painful as Hell


  • We love ourselves some good ol’-fashioned Slow Mo Guys here at What’s Trending. Remember when they fired up a flamethrower in slow motion? How about the time they blew up a giant water balloon? Plus, watching guys (like Tyler Oakley) get their legs waxed is always a good time.

    Combine the two, and what do you get? An instantly viral video, that’s what!

    That’s right. The Slow Mo Guys made a video of themselves waxing their legs — at 28,000 frames per second. Here’s the original video from the Slow Mo Guys’ YouTube channel:

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  • Now that looked like it hurt. Especially in slow motion. Getting hair yanked out by the follicles is (I assume) a pretty tough experience, but it looks even gnarlier slowed down until its full, terrifying violence is on display.

    Still, the guys are pretty good sports about the whole thing — even though, as commenters have pointed out, they made the experience much more painful than it needed to be by neglecting to trim their leg hair first. If you put me through that, I’d probably act a lot more like this:

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