Cards Against Humanity Digs a Hole Just to Dig a Hole


  • Cards Against Humanity is a card game in which you try to be the worst self you possibly can be. The purpose is to convince the judge of the round why the answer you present best fills the question. Now, they’re digging a hole. Not really for a reason. Just like these grandmas who smoked weed and played Cards Against Humanity, not really for a reason.

    CAH (Cards Against Humanity) presented their illogic and unreasoning on a website: They say that they’re just digging a hole. It was an empty space but there’s a hole there now, and that’s life. That if you’re donating money to this hole instead of to charity, well, that’s on you.

    Just like CAH, just watch it be dug:

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  • And if they hit magma? Well, at least they’ll feel something. It’s the existential dread you need in your life. The utter torment that I’ve felt since November 8th is captured in the form of digging a hole. It’s fine.

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