Luke Bryan Punched a Man Flipping Him the Bird at a Concert

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  • Luke Bryan is a professional musician. As such, he should have some experience dealing with hecklers. Well, he proved that assumption wrong, as he hit a guy flipping him the bird at a concert. It’s not the first time Bryan’s been unruly.

    The moment got captured from a few different vantage points. Bryan has yet to mention the incident himself, but it managed to find its virtual fame on its own. Bryan doesn’t even stop singing as he reaches down to either slap or punch the heckler. Watch the original video below:

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  • Then Bryan continues moving on like nothing happened. I mean, I feel like country has become a little too “bro culture”, but this is just more proof. Maybe Bryan is not used to be insulting like this, but in today’s society, if that’s the case, good on Bryan for avoiding most social media platforms.

    I don’t know how I would personally handle a heckler, but as a pacifist, hopefully I wouldn’t hit them.

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