8 YouTubers who Supported #BlackLivesMatter

Many YouTubers took initiatives in the # BlackLivesMatter movement. Here are a few that spoke out

In the past week, many YouTubers took initiatives in the # BlackLivesMatter movement. Here are a few that spoke out: 

1. Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain first tweeted the petition, “Justice for George Floyd”, on May 28th. After that, the YouTuber has continued to tweet more petitions, educational resources, and donation links. She later expressed, “my heart is so heavy. We need to learn, love, change, and act together.” 


2. Jeffree Star

The founder of Jeffree Star Cosmetics actively spoke up for #BlackLivesMatter on his Twitter and Snapchat. On June 1st, Jeffree sought the opportunity to donate to Los Angeles black-owned small businesses that had been destroyed. 

He went as far as to say, “If you’re bothered by human rights or don’t care about what’s happening to our world, please unfollow me.”

Other than Twitter, the internet celebrity also posted several Snapchat stories on the same topic. 


3. Shane Dawson and Emile Ennis Jr. 

On June 3rd, Shane Dawson lent his IGTV to Emile Ennis Jr. to speak up. When Emile first contacted Shane, he thought he would do an instagram takeover on Shane’s account. Instead, Shane shared his IGTV with Emile and tweeted three petitions; calling for justice for George Floyd, Joāo Pedro, and Breonna Taylor. 


4. Jaclyn Hill

Makeup artist, Jaclyn Hill, posted on Instagram saying, “it breaks my heart and disgusts me that we live in a world where people are judged, oppressed and murdered because of the color of their skin. Enough is enough!! Change needs to happen!!!”

On Twitter, Jaclyn encouraged her followers to sign more petitions and she wrote, “#BlackLivesMatter Seriously, you matter so damn much!!!”


5. Gabbie Hanna

In a 5-minute IGTV post, Gabbie Hanna pointed out that, “It’s time to stop protecting our egos and start protecting the people of colors in our country.” 


6. Jackie Aina 

Other than advocating for people to sign petitions, Jackie Aina tried to help the black community to get jobs. She tweeted, “If you’re black and are applying for a corporate or executive level job like this one, and we have even interacted before, please let me know I would happily like to help put in a word for you,” referring to a fresh senior manager job posting. 

Additionally, she also questioned the lack of diversity in many company’s senior executive teams. On Instagram, she participated in #pulluporshutup campaign. 


7. Nyma Tang

Nyma actively participated in calling justice for Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. On June 3rd, Nyma posted, “This isn’t a moment for black people, it’s our life. This fight continues. To our allies, continue to educate yourself and learn how you can help us make actual change.” 


8. Chriselle Lim

Chriselle shared her experience of having the hard conversations with her parents. By doing so, she hoped that more people would do the same.

On her Instagram, Chriselle lent her platform to “amplify black voices and creators”. She also shared a list of creators to support. 

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