Jeffree Star ‘Can’t Believe’ How FAST Shane Dawson Is Learning MAKEUP

Shane Dawson is getting into makeup and according to Jeffree Star, he’s good at it!

Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star are filming a new series, in which Shane is allegedly creating his own make-up palette. And while makeup might be a slight departure from Shane’s conspiracy theory brand, apparently, he’s catching on pretty fast.

Shane’s interest in the makeup industry began when he did a docuseries around the secret world of Jeffree Star. At the time, Jeffree was a controversial YouTuber who not many people knew much about…especially in regards to how he lives his luxurious lifestyle.

But Shane intended to find out.

After Shane realized what a gold mine the beauty industry can be, he began dropping hints that he was looking into the industry for himself. And after months of speculation, the two officially announced their collaboration.

Shane has been practicing for weeks and Jeffree said… “I can’t believe how quickly @shanedawson is learning how to do makeup. Holy shit”

To which Shane responded, “just trying to make momma proud.”

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