Burnie Burns: Rooster Teeth Movie Casts 535 FANS!?! | What’s Trending Original

  • Rooster Teeth completely dominated Indiegogo with their crowdfunded film: “Lazer Team”. Burnie Burns has the scoop on what’s next, how Penny Arcade and Freddie W helped, and how they accidentally cast 535 people in their movie in 20 seconds!

    “Lazer Team” raised more money than any other feature film.

    “If you’re going to break a record for something, breaking a record for money is probably one of the better ones to break,” Burns told us.

    They set a goal of $650,000 and hit that in just 10 hours and got to 1 million in 50 hours.

    With a lot of research and time spent looking at other crowd funding campaigns, they ended at 2.48 million. Wow!

    They also told us that they feel fortunate to have a well-established audience.

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