Is Jeana From PrankvsPrank The Latest NYC Master Chef?

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    Jeana from PrankvsPrank is used to high-pressure situations, but can she handle working as a chef in Einat Admony’s Balaboosta? The name of the restaurant is a Yiddish word referring to the “perfect housewife,” but make no mistake, the kitchen is a truly collaborative effort between Admony and husband Stefan Nafziger.

    Jeana makes a good collaborator as well. As part of Marriott‘s mobile check-in series (produced by What’s Trending), Jeana had extra time in New York City to help make Chef Admony’s fried olives with organic labne and harissa oil. (When she’s asked what makes the fried olives so good, we really hope the answer is “harissa explains it all.”)

    Mmmm…that’s some good labne.