KickThePJ, Chris Kendall & Mitchell Davis Talk “Oscar’s Hotel” at VidCon

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    The viral short film “Oscar’s Hotel” from KickThePJ is becoming a fully-fledged series called “Oscar’s Hotel for Fantastical Creatures,” and this year at VidCon, we got insider details on how the project came together.

    Creator PJ Liguori aka KickThePJ, along with Chris Kendall and Mitchell Davis, joined us in the Canon Lounge to talk about the evolution of the series.

    “When me and my team came up with the concept for the short film, I think I could always see it becoming a series,” he said. “I could always see how the hotel could lend itself to becoming something bigger and how we could explore it more.”

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    The team drew inspiration from music, video games and the people they like, and then collaborated with talented costume, makeup and art designers, including the Jim Henson Company, to bring the fantasy world to life.

    Chris Kendall and Mitchell Davis are both bringing back their characters from the short film, and there will be cameos from the Holy Trinity of Mamrie Hart, Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig. Traditional actors like Elliot Gould, Patrick Stewart and Alfred Molina also make appearances.

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