Perseid Meteor Shower Wows Instagram

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    The height of the Perseid meteor shower was last night, and everybody turned out to see it – or at least checked it out on Instagram the next day.


    Musician Julia Price stopped by the What’s Trending office to tell us about it. “I actually went out last night with my boyfriend, because he loves nature, and we laid out on the concrete in Malibu on a blanket,” she said. “And I fell asleep. But he said it was great!”


    The meteor shower is actually bits of dust and ice from the Swift-Tuttle Comet. Each August, we can see the particles from the comic burn up when they hit the Earth’s atmosphere. They get their name because they’re usually visible around the constellation Perseus, in the Northeastern part of the sky. It’s considered the best and easiest-to-see meteor shower of the year.