Steve Zaragoza – What’s Trending Podcast Ep. 4

  • SourceFed’s Steve Zaragoza was our guest for Episode 4 of the What’s Trending Podcast, and as you might expect, there wasn’t a dull moment.

    One big topic was the controversy over the Vanity Fair article “Tinder and the Dawn of the Dating Apocalypse,” which argues that Tinder might be eroding our capacity for meaningful relationships. But Steve said he felt that the Tinder thing got old fast among his friends.

    “I don’t know anybody at least in my circle of friends, and we all have different age groups, who are religiously tied to Tinder and use that as their primary dating source. So maybe we’re not doomed as a society.”

    The newscaster who refused to cover one more Kardashian story was also a fun discussion. “Can you imagine what it must be like to talk about the Kardashians endlessly?” Steve said, to which What’s Trending head writer Lon Harris deadpanned, “No, Steve. I can’t imagine what that must be like, to talk about the Kardashians every day.”

    You can listen to the whole podcast on Soundcloud, or download it on iTunes here.

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