“Pokemon Go” Meets “Suicide Squad” in This Creepy Parody

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    So Nintendo just released a teaser for their new Pokemon Go mobile app that imagines Pokemon in real life – people catching Pokemons in the wild with their phones and pitting them against each other in epic battles.

    Problem is, once you take the premise outside the wacky cartoon, it starts to seem downright sinister. We edited the original video a bit and swapped out the music with that creepy version of “I Started A Joke” from the “Suicide Squad” trailer, and what we got is an unsettling alternate reality where humans trap and enslave wild animals and force them to fight, possibly to the death, while we cheer with bloodthirsty glee and obsess over our phones like we’re brainwashed.

    But hey, gotta catch ‘em all!