Chris Kendall & Mitchell Davis – What’s Trending Podcast Ep. 9

  • Chris Kendall and Mitchell Davis appeared on our podcast this week, and a weird and funny time was had by all.

    What’s Trending’s Shira Lazar and Jonathan Harris joined the YouTube stars to talk about “Oscar’s Hotel,” the fantasy web series they star in with creator KickthePJ and a host of other internet celebrities. But first, they covered trending topics like Ariana Grande’s musical impressions, and the Streamy Awards which took place a few hours after the podcast was recorded.

    Chris said there weren’t many events similar to the Streamys in the UK, where people are still reluctant to accept YouTube into the mainstream. “Over here, YouTube is taken a lot more seriously. We’re a long way away from having an awards ceremony [in the UK].”

    Mitchell pointed out that moving to LA from Ohio opened up a lot of possibilities for him on YouTube. “Moving to LA made everything possible. It’s a place where you can make things happen in a matter of hours. If you have an idea and you want to do it on YouTube, the people are here. You can make things happen. Back in Ohio that just doesn’t exist.”

    Other topics included trying out Tinder (and whether it’s hard to avoid dating underage people), the “Why You Always Lying” meme, and the cool new features on Snapchat.

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