What's Trending hosts Paula Rhodes, Jay Walker and Anna Lore had lots of opinions on lots of things.
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  • Sometimes on the What’s Trending Podcast, we just like to hang out and shoot the shit together.

    Last week, our daily hosts Anna Lore, Jay Walker and Paula Rhodes got together in the same room with writer/producer Hayley Hoover for the first time ever, to talk about the latest trending topics. (Ava Gordy couldn’t make it, unfortunately, and we really missed her.)

  • Our biggest story for the week was Chinese women testing their boob size by trying to carry pens under them – and Paula, who just had a baby and is breastfeeding, had some relevant opinions.

    “Question: Was it just one pen? Because, not impressed. Amateurs. […] What kind of pens are these? Because pens come in all different sizes.”

    This story also highlighted how every part of the breast is okay for people aged 12 and older to see in America, as long as the nipple isn’t showing. “I feel like if I were to breastfeed in public and just show the under-boob, nobody would give too much of a…”

    Another person who has boobs is Amy Schumer, who was recently accused of stealing jokes from other women. Anna didn’t feel that any of the evidence against Schumer was particularly damning.

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  • “For some reason, I think humor is the thing that people get so intense about. Whereas with dramatic stuff, it’s like everyone is like ‘We’ve had those feelings before, we’re relating.’ But humor’s like, ‘I came up with a funny thing! This was my original thought, I’m special!’”

    Another big topic in the last week was Stacey Dash saying that black people should get rid of the BET channel if they wanted more diversity at the Oscars. As a black actor, our host Jay Walker had a complex reaction to the story.

    “It’s a structural problem. I’ve had this conversation so many times growing up, because I grew up in a predominantly white town, and people were like, ‘Jay, why do black people need things like affirmative action? You don’t.’ And it’s like, no, I don’t, and I’m super fortunate to have gone to a good school and had an education and had all these opportunities. But in most of the country, that’s just not the reality.”

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