Enjoy Some Girl Talk on the What’s Trending Podcast

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  • Women have been trending on social media for a lot of different reasons lately, so it was a good time for Shira Lazar to have some girl talk on the What’s Trending Podcast. She sat down with our host Ava Gordy and writer/community manager/occasional host Hayley Hoover to get their perspectives on the latest headlines.

  • One of the biggest stories from the online community was the “controversy” of YouTuber Zoella posting a really tame picture of herself lying in bed wearing an oversized tee shirt and Calvin Klein boy shorts – which was enough to make British tabloids declare she was “shedding her wholesome image.”

    “If it were really sexy it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but it’s so innocent,” said Hayley.

    Ava agreed: “It wasn’t like it was lingerie, it wasn’t even like she was making a sexy pose. She was smiling and doing a peace sign.”

    Shira pointed out there’s double standard for men and women posting selfies online. “Guys who are that age can pose without a shirt, or with underwear, but when a girl does it, it’s like ‘Oh, you’re sexualizing yourself.’”

    In other being-gross-about-women news, Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have been taking shots at each other on Twitter about their wives, culminating in the National Enquirer claiming that Cruz has had affairs with five different women.

    All this bickering on Twitter is strange new territory for a presidential election. “I feel a little personally weird that politics involve memes now,” Hayley said.

    But Ava said Trump’s dumb Twitter antics at least allowed people to see just how low he’ll go. “Even if you don’t know Trump’s policies, if you see that, you’ll be like ‘Oh, he’s an idiot, he disrespects women. I’m out.’”

    Another big story of the week was David Letterman growing a beard and embracing his “creepy Santa” look following his retirement. None of our hosts could really blame him. “Imagine working every day for 33 years,” said Shira, who has plenty of experience working in television. “That’s also what happens when you have hair and makeup every day, and then you suddenly don’t.”

    Other topics included our new series “Creep Shaming with Nadia G” on the What’s Trending Fem channel and how each of them deal with weird or sexist comments, the new Slurpee Donut at 7-Eleven and when they might feel like eating one, and Kristen Bell’s daughters Lincoln and Delta hating “Frozen.”

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