The Top 5 FailArmy Videos of All Time!

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  • Let’s face it — as long as nobody gets seriously hurt, we all get a weird kind of enjoyment out of watching people go through embarrassing moments. If you want proof, look at the huge success of FailArmy, who just passed 10 million subscribers.

    Our host Shira Lazar was celebrating with the FailArmy team at YouTube Space LA and took the opportunity to put together our picks for their top 5 videos ever — and there are so many hilarious clips to choose from, it took a while to narrow it down.

    In the end, we had to go with the model getting wiped out by a wave at the beach, the cyclist who rode into the path of a charging antelope, the girl who burned off some of her hair with an overheated curling iron, the guy who got kicked in the head by the conductor of a passing train, and of course the family that got slammed to the floor of a motorboat when they went too fast through choppy water.

    Check out our roundup and get your dose of schadenfreude for the day, and tweet us @WhatsTrending to tell us what Top 5 we should do next.