TREND TRIALS: Can Shira & R.J. Rock the Rainbow Eyebrows Look?

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  • Makeup and beauty trends are getting more and more colorful and crazy these days — first there were glitter beards, and then it was dyeing your armpit hair. Now there’s a new Instagram trend that will puzzle all your friends: rainbow eyebrows.

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  • It’s also a perfect experiment for our new Trend Trials series, so Shira Lazar teamed up with the ever-fabulous R.J. Aguiar, found some eyeliner pencils in rainbow colors and gave it a try.

    “Now that we’ve bought these, we’re gonna do each other!” she declared.

    “Poor choice of words, maybe?” R.J. added.

    The look posed challenges for both of them — R.J. has faint eyebrows, while Shira’s were possibly too thick and sculpted for his limited makeup skills — but in the end their rainbow eyebrow game was pretty on point.

    “This is definitely something fun to do for music festivals coming up,” Shira said.

    “Or for pride parades,” R.J. added, “or for a conversation starter at your next job interview, who knows!”

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