Top 5 Celebrity Photoshop Fails

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  • We all know that celebrity pictures get touched up a lot — but you’d think with all the money and resources they have, their Photoshopped pictures would be, you know, consistently good.

    Instead, people on the internet are constantly finding examples of celebrity pictures that have clearly been edited, often with hilarious results.

    In this compilation of the top 5 celebrity Photoshop fails, we look back at some of our favorites — Fifth Harmony’s Ally Brooke literally having two right feet in a recent group photo, Jeb Bush appearing to have a black left hand in a campaign flier, Beyonce slimming down her thighs on Instagram, Vogue’s heavily-edited photoshoot with Lena Dunham, and Justin Bieber’s famous Calvin Klein ad where he looks waaaay more well-endowed than he really is.

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