Top 5 YouTube Prank Fails

  • YouTube pranksters are always getting themselves into trouble, in large part because most of them don’t know what a prank actually is. Child abuse? Not a prank. Sexual harassment? Not a prank. Racism? Definitely not a prank. (For more things that aren’t pranks, check out’s video on the subject from 2015.)

    For every douchebag with gelled-up hair making YouTube pranks/”social experiments” that are really just excuses to be cruel to people, there’s someone else calling them out. And this time, that someone is us. What’s Trending takes on the pranks that went too far in this video that’s equal parts funny and alarming. Seriously, what’s wrong with people?

    In case you can’t play the video, here are the top 5 YouTube prank fails:

    5. Brad Holmes — The “Chili Pepper Tampon” Prank: If it’s fake, which it probably is, this prank is an unkind reminder of how far idiots will go for YouTube views. If it’s real, it borders on sexual assault. UK prankster Brad Holmes claimed to rub a chili pepper on his girlfriend’s tampon. She later complained that her vagina was “on fire”, then got back at him by tying him to his bed and beating him with a boxing glove. (The boxing glove bit is probably the most obviously fake part of the whole thing.)

    4. Sam Pepper — The “Killing Best Friend” Prank: We covered this when it happened, but for those of you who don’t read every single piece of content on this site, here’s the deal. Notable YouTube creep Sam Pepper pretended to kidnap and murder Viner Colby Brock in front of mutual friend Sam Golbach. Of course, this kind of thing is so wildly illegal and unethical that Pepper had to fake the whole thing, which somehow got him in even more trouble. Note to aspiring YouTube pranksters: MURDER IS NOT A PRANK.

    3. Jason Roberts — The “Kiss My Ass” Prank: Apparently, walking up to people and telling them to kiss your ass isn’t a good idea. Apparently it’s such a bad idea that someone punched the prankster Jason Roberts in the face and he had to get stitches. Yeesh.

    2. Almost Every YouTube Prankster — Every “In the Hood” Prank: A whole lot of YouTubers think racism is hilarious, up to and including them saying variants of the n-word like “nickel” and “neighbor” to underprivileged inner-city African-Americans. Not. Cool.

    1. Roman Atwood — “Killing My Kid” Prank(s): A prank so nice, he did it twice (except the opposite). Roman Atwood pretended to murder his child in front of his girlfriend — twice. She wasn’t pleased.

    What do you think? Are YouTube pranksters heartless monsters, or are you a heartless monster who can’t recognize other heartless monsters? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!