Top 5 Celebrities Who’ve Had Sex With Ghosts

  • If you’re interested in the paranormal, you know that ghosts and spirits behave in strange ways — and that includes hanging out with celebrities and having sex with them, if the stories are to be believed.

    Why don’t you ever hook up with regular non-famous people, ghosts? Are human souls obsessed with Hollywood even beyond the grave? Or maybe most people chalk up their supernatural encounters to, I dunno, having weird sex dreams while they’re asleep.

    We managed to round up a surprising number of celebs who swear they’ve had sexual encounters with spirits from another world. Kesha’s song “Supernatural,” for example, was inspired by an experience where she “went to the bone zone” with a ghost. And Dan Akroyd wrote in the Huffington Post that he once woke up to a ghostly presence in his bed — hardly surprising, after that scene with the sexy ghost in “Ghostbusters.”

    Lucy Liu claimed she experienced “sheer bliss” with a ghost as she took a nap, while Matthew McConaughey had a close relationship with a friendly lady ghost that haunts his Hollywood home. (Okay, we haven’t confirmed that he actually slept with the ghost, but he does walk around naked in his house all the time, so it’s easy to speculate.) Finally, Bobby Brown once talked about being “mounted by a ghost” while living in an old mansion in Georgia.

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