Brandon Bowen Talks New Projects, Blocking Out Haters at VidCon 2016

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  • Brandon Bowen is a strong, independent man who don’t need no haters. Our host Shira Lazar sat down with Brandon as part of What’s Trending and’s coverage of VidCon 2016 to talk about the actor and Vine star’s latest projects, blocking out the haters, his comedy background, and more.

    Brandon is in a great deal of demand right now. With not one, not two, but THREE projects to promote, he had an exceptionally busy VidCon. First on the docket is Fight of the Living Dead, a YouTube Red series launching this August. Here’s the trailer:

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  • Fight of the Living Dead is a series in which 10 internet stars, including Brandon, FouseyTube, VitalyzdTV, and MagicofRahat, spend 72 hours in a simulated zombie apocalypse and try their best to survive. Seems pretty gnarly, but only because it is.

    Brandon is also one of the stars of the new movie Mono, in which a mono epidemic sweeps through a high school and unpopular kids take over. (The movie also stars fellow actor/Vine star Christian Delgrosso — check out our podcast with him here.) Check out the trailer here:

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  • Fun times. It’s available for pre-order right here, so snap it up in time for its July 8th release!

    Last but not least is Brandon’s new gaming channel, Ritual Cheetah. He might not quite be the “American PewDiePie,” but he’s building his audience quickly. Check out one of his videos below!

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  • WHEW! That’s a lot of Brandon Bowen. What’s your favorite new Brandon Bowen project? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!