Why Are People So Mad About This Anti-Obesity PSA?

Why Are People So Mad About This Anti-Obesity PSA?

  • How much do childhood habits affect people as they age?

    Well, this PSA is showing there’s a direct correlation and it’s causing a huge debate online. The video posted by Your Nutrition Spot back in July, but was uploaded to Reddit this weekend and has gained a ton of views.

    It showcases the path that can lead from childhood to adult obesity, and suggests steps parents can take to keep their kids from growing up overweight. But what seems like a relatively straightforward message has faced a lot of criticism from the Web: Is it right to single out parents for the behavior of their obese adult children? Are video games at least in part to blame for the obesity epidemic? Is this an example of “fat-shaming”? Sound off in the comments!

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    Edited By: Brian Lew