Today in the Ice Bucket Challenge…

Today in the Ice Bucket Challenge...

  • Another day, another 100,000 versions of the Ice Bucket Challenge! (Want more info on what the challenge is all about and how you can get involved in the fight against ALS? Click here!) Celebrities are posting so many variations all the time, it can be almost impossible to keep up. Here are some of our favorites trending online today.


  • PStew Keeps It Classy

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    Patrick Stewart’s wordless entry classes up the Ice Bucket Challenge considerably. Way to “engage” with the community, Pat! (See what I did there??!?!?)

  • Posh Spice Doesn’t Pop Molly, She Nominates Tom Ford

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    Victoria Beckham is deluged by not one but TWO buckets of water in her entry, that finds her nominating famed designer Tom Ford, son Cruz Beckham and actress Katie Holmes. (The folks knocking her over with water? Husband David along with sons Romeo, Cruz and Brooklyn.)

  • Benedict Cumberbatch’s #IceBucketChallenge Has a Twist Ending

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    “Sherlock” star Cumberbatch is an ambassador for the Motor Neurone Disease Association, so of course he had to go big with his Ice Bucket Challenge. And he does, giving the audience the goods in slow-motion and then stripping down (!!!) for a surprise ending.

  • Lindsay Lohan Takes the Challenge on “The Tonight Show”

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    LiLo responded to a fan challenge by taking the Ice Bucket Challenge on Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show.” She uses the opportunity to nominate Prince Harry, Jared Leto and the New York’s Duffield Children’s Center. (Can you nominate an entire building? Lindsay don’t care! She won’t follow your “rules”!)

  • Jeremy Clarkson’s Unintentional Entry

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    You’re usually supposed to WANT to take the Ice Bucket Challenge… but “Top Gear” host Jeremy Clarkson was given no such opportunity. He was doused with water while waking from what looks like a pleasant afternoon nap.

  • Dress Up As the Ice Bucket Challenge… For Some Reason!

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    Finally, no one asked for it, but it’s here all the same – the first-ever Ice Bucket Challenge Halloween Costume! All the fun of holding a bucket over your head and making a 2-month old reference for the low low price of just $40! Buy yours today!