Reporter Fails At Interviewing Kristen Wiig on Live Television

Reporter Fails At Interviewing Kristen Wiig on Live Television

  • KWGN’s Chris Parente interviews Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader about their roles as estranged siblings in their film, The Skeleton Twins. When all of a sudden, Parente catches both Wiig and Hader off guard by asking Wiig for tips on a full frontal nudity scene.

    Uhhmmmm, we just watched this movie and Kristen was definitely fully clothed.

    Upon realizing that the reporter didn’t see the movie, Bill Hader starts shouting out random fake facts about the movie. Kristen Wiig definitely doesn’t let the reporter live this one down, letting everyone know that this 5 time Emmy winning reporter mixed up her films and hadn’t seen the movie he was interviewing her about. Bill Hader can barely contain himself, it’s pretty great.

    What is also pretty great, is their new film! That we ACTUALLY watched! If you’re ready to see these SNL veterans take on a more dramatic role, definitely check out The Skeleton Twins.

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