Nobody Likes Vacuuming As Much As This Cat

Nobody Likes Vacuuming As Much As This Cat

  • Bobo the cat doesn’t run and hide when the vacuum starts up, like other cats. He’ll stay right where he is and let the extensions give him a nice little tummy massage.

    Four-year-old Bobo and his younger sister, Nikita, have quite a few YouTube videos with further displays of their cuteness. Their owner explained on Facebook how Bobo came to love being vacuumed:

    When he was a little kitten (about 2-3 months old) he liked to play with the brush, his two brothers were affraid and they “dissappeared” when I started to use the vacuum cleaner (I regret that I didn’t record more videos with little Bobo…seeing him chasing brush was very funny).

    When Bobo was bigger I tried to use the same type of brush like in this video on his back. He was surprised and a little scared, but after 2-3 “sessions” he started to like being vacuumed. Now it’s a ritual for him.