Bill Burr Thinks Women Will Destroy FOOTBALL

Bill Burr Thinks Women Will Destroy FOOTBALL

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    Comedian Bill Burr is no stranger to in-your-face, outspoken opinions, but even he may be pushing it now. This clip of the comedian and “Breaking Bad” supporting player’s appearance on last night’s “Conan” has blown up on Facebook today, largely because of Burr’s theory that women resent male happiness, and therefore hate football.

    Burr explains that men’s simple brains can be satisfied by nothing more than pizza and watching NFL games, which causes more thoughtful, complicated women to become jealous. This then leads them to want to destroy football itself, much like a gender of Grinches trying to ruin Christmas in Whoville.

    Burr’s rant may have proven popular online, but it was divisive with Conan’s in-studio live audience. Burr points out that only one chauvinistic audience member seems fully on board with what he’s putting down.

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