Katy Perry’s Halloween Costume is FLAMING HOT!

Katy Perry's Halloween Costume is FLAMING HOT!

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    It all started when Katy Perry posted the above photo to her Instagram, declaring “IDFWU *drops mic*” (That stands for “I Don’t F–k With You,” by the way.) She’s of course dressed as not just a Cheeto snack, but a Flaming Hot Cheeto. (She had previously declared her love for the cheese-flavored corn chips by anachronistically eating them in her Egyptian-themed “Dark Horse” video.

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    Predictably, the costume went super-viral online and made a number of blogs’ “Best Celebrity Costumes” lists. So it wasn’t long before whoever runs the Cheetos Twitter account saw it and responded in kind.

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    But this simple gesture wasn’t enough of a thank you from Cheetos to Katy, so they went one further, tweeting this photo of their mascot – Chester Cheetah – dressed up as the pop icon herself!

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    Talk about a Teenage Dream. I honestly may never look back.