New “GTA V” Trailer Puts You in the Middle of the Mayhem

New "GTA V" Trailer Puts You in the Middle of the Mayhem

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    When it’s finally released for next-generation consoles XBox One and PlayStation 4, the crime simulation sandbox game “Grand Theft Auto 5” will include the franchise’s initial attempt at a “first person” mode, putting the player in the perspective of the violent, anti-social characters. The newly remastered games hit stores on January 27, 2015.

    The new mode will be available for both the traditional single-player “Grand Theft Auto” experience and the multiplayer “GTA Online.”

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    Daniel Krupa of IGN has had a chance to check out the new First-Person mode, and hails the immersive nature of the new game, which reinvents the experience of running around the fictional (LA-inspired) city of Los Santos.

    I’ve never had a GTA experience like this before,” he writes, “and that’s because it’s all playing out in the first-person.”