“What the Hell is Starter Pack” Starter Pack

"What the Hell is Starter Pack" Starter Pack

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    The “Starter Pack” trend has been going strong for over a month now on Twitter, but the number of tweets have exploded in the past 24 hours, and the topic “Starter Pack” has been trending throughout the US all day.

    But what does it MEAN?!??!?!?

    Well, in trading cards or games like, say, “Pokemon,” the starter pack is the first group of cards you need to learn the game and begin playing. Then, as you progress and your skills get more advanced, you would add additional packs that would include more powerful cards.

    On Twitter, the “starter pack” concept involves posting 4 photos together that represent everything you’d need to become a certain kind of person. Typically, the jokes are stereotyping a certain group, trend, clique, personal identity, sub-culture or even individual person.

    For example, a McDonalds cheeseburger, a US flag, a stock car and a bald eagle could be considered a “Murican Starter Pack.” You see where I’m going with this.

    Though it’s not 100% certain who started the “starter pack” joke concept, this tweet is often cited as the earliest example.

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    The tweet that started the current “starter pack” craze is thought, by some, to be this one, mocking Tumblr culture.

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    And of course, it wouldn’t be a Twitter trend without tons of parody accounts trying to capitalize on its popularity. And it wouldn’t be a Twitter trend without inevitable, angry backlash!

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