IMDb Can’t Save “Saving Christmas”

IMDb Can't Save "Saving Christmas"

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    “Saving Christmas” is former “Growing Pains” star Kirk Cameron’s semi-autobiographical semi-fictional film arguing against the notion that Christian traditions were inherited from and inspired by earlier non-Christian (specifically, pagan) celebrations. See, Kirk thinks everything about Christmas — from Santa, to trees, to caroling, to Yule Logs — derives exclusively from Biblical and Christian traditions.

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    And fair enough, really. Hey, it’s his movie.

    The Internet didn’t start taking issue with Cameron and his film until the actor-turned-filmmaker started a campaign to boost his movie’s rather dismal Rotten Tomatoes ranking. After realizing that mainstream critics weren’t exactly embracing his movie, Cameron took to his Facebook page to ask fans to go to RT and rate the movie positively to try to influence the film’s final score.

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    The Internet responded to Cameron’s attempt to skew the rankings by… skewing the rankings. But this time, AGAINST his film. “Saving Christmas” is currently sitting on a 0% freshness rating. The lowest possible score.

    But that’s not all. Adding insult to injury, the Web’s mighty troll armies descended on IMDb as well, giving the movie a dismal 1.4 star ranking. This is, as of now, the lowest score given to any movie on the site.

    (As a point of comparison, universally panned flop “Leonard Part 6,” starring loathed and disgraced comedian Bill Cosby, has a 2.3 rating.)

    But the former Mike Seaver is not letting this abuse keep him down. According to a follow-up Facebook post on Wednesday, “Saving Christmas” will be expanding to 100 extra theaters this weekend. So if you haven’t already voted for or against the film, now’s your chance to see it as it was meant to be seen – on the big screen!

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