Confederate Flag Parade Ends in Fender Bender

Confederate Flag Parade Ends in Fender Bender

  • The Confederate flag has been having a hard time lately. It’s being removed from government buildings in the south, people are scaling flagpoles to cut it down, stores are refusing to sell it. Some people in Dalton, Georgia must have thought the flag was feeling bad, so they decided to throw a parade in its honor – meaning they put flags on their trucks and drove through town. (Some trucks had Confederate and American flags side by side, which is kind of a contradiction if you think about it.)

    A guy at a gas station caught the procession on camera. “They got a goddamn day for Confederate flags,” he ranted. “This is some bullshit!”

    And then his day got a whole lot better, because the parade stopped suddenly and one of the trucks rear-ended another, which rear-ended the next one. “Boom!” the cameraman yelled. “Boom! I got all that!”

    It’s the kind of story that makes you believe in karma.