Ariana Grande Takes To YouTube To Apologize…Again

Ariana Grande Takes To YouTube To Apologize...Again

  • After the fallout from a video posted of Ariana Grande at a donut shop with her new boyfriend, Ariana had had to do some major damage control. In the video, Ariana Grande can be heard blurting out, “I hate America. I hate Americans.” Following the initial wave of press surrounding this video, the pop singer issued this apology on Twitter:

  • Since then, Grande decided to post a more direct apology to her fans in the form of the above YouTube video. In the video, Ariana talks about how disgusted with herself she was when she watched the video. Stating that people don’t realize how they look to everyone else, until they’re forced to see how their perceived from the outside.

    If you haven’t seen the video that sparked this whole thing, we’ve got you covered.

  • Ariana Grande: Tongues New Boyfriend & Donuts!!

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