Kid Sets the Cup Stacking World Record

Kid Sets the Cup Stacking World Record
  • The legions of Sport Stacking fans in our audience will be thrilled to learn there’s a new champion in town. (Okay, actually it is pretty impressive, but who even knew competitive cup stacking was a thing?)

    Young William Orwell set a new world record when he completed a complicated cycle of cup stacking maneuvers in just five seconds – so fast that it’s nearly impossible to get a non-blurry image of him. To break it down, he had to use 12 cups to create three pyramids of three, six, and three cups, then two pyramids of six cups each, then a pyramid of ten cups, and finally another three-six-three stack. In five seconds.

    This was an official competition presided over by the World Sport Stacking Association, which has registered 555,000 players since being founded in Oceanside, California in 1981.