Americans are Still Shooting Exotic Animals in Africa

Americans are Still Shooting Exotic Animals in Africa

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  • Following the untimely death of Cecil the Lion at the hands of American dentist Walter Palmer, shady big-game hunters seem to be coming out of the woodwork – and everybody is mad at them.

    The Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority has accused yet another American doctor of illegally killing a lion in Hwange National Park – this time gynecologic oncologist Jan Seski from Pittsburgh.

    Headman Sibanda, who runs safari trips in the area, has been arrested in connection with the lion killing and is now assisting local police in their investigation.

    Another hunter currently getting burned on Facebook is Sabrina Corgatelli, who posted an image of herself posing with a dead giraffe – among other weirdly fashion-conscious pictures with heart-eye emojis in the captions. She went on the TODAY Show to defend her hunting trip, insisting that she’s not just a cold-blooded killer and besides, giraffes can be very dangerous animals.

    It would probably be a good idea for big-game hunters everywhere to just cool it for a while. Maybe pick up golf for a few months until the rage has died down. And at least stop killing animals illegally.