“Go Back to Spain!” – Woman Goes on Racist Rant at IHOP

"Go Back to Spain!" - Woman Goes on Racist Rant at IHOP

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    This woman would like you to know we speak English in America, so if you’re going to speak Spanish, then go back to Spain.

    They speak Spanish in Spain – and she’s been there, so she would know.

    Carlos Steven Vasquez and his mother were at IHOP (the INTERNATIONAL House of Pancakes, thank you very much) when a random white lady overheard them speaking Spanish to each other and went off on a racist rant – but things got weird when she started bringing Russians, Nazis and Castro into it, and referring to Spain as if she’d forgotten about the entirety of Central and South America.

    Vasquez’s mother was still understandably upset by the encounter, getting emotional as she defended herself and proved she could also speak English. Vasquez caught the whole thing on his phone, telling the woman repeatedly, “You can’t do that to people!”

    It’s possible the woman wasn’t all there mentally, but either way this video is equal parts amusing and infuriating. Watch the full footage here:

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com