Dog Says “Mama” Better Than Baby, Still Doesn’t Get Fed

Dog Says "Mama" Better Than Baby, Still Doesn't Get Fed

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    Nine month old Samuel Giovanini has got “Dada” figured out, but he had yet to say “Mama” out loud, even when his grandmother tried to coax it out of him with food – so the family dog beat him to it.


    Patches the mini Australian shepherd is trending on Reddit today for saying “Mama” better than a human baby – and still not getting any food out of the deal, which had a lot of viewers annoyed. Realizing their sudden internet fame (the video first surfaced on “America’s Funniest Videos” in February but only recently took off online), the Giovanini family posted a follow-up video showing the dog eventually getting a treat, and then another video of Sam reacting to his internet fame and dancing.