“Jackass” Star Steve-O Climbs Crane to Protest Sea World

"Jackass" Star Steve-O Climbs Crane to Protest Sea World
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    So Steve-O from “Jackass” was hanging an inflatable orca off a crane right across the street from our office last night. Honestly, we turn our backs for two seconds.

    Steve-O set out to climb the construction crane in Hollywood and hang an inflatable Shamu the Whale toy off the end, with the words “Sea World Sucks” written along the side. It was his second public anti-Sea World prank – last year he climbed a freeway sign in San Diego and changed it to read – you guessed it – “Sea World Sucks.” He has a message and he sticks to it.

    While he was on the crane, he wore a shirt promoting the 2013 documentary “Blackfish” which focuses on the poor treatment orcas receive at Sea World parks.

    He teased the stunt beforehand on Instagram, and the whole saga was broadcast in real time on his Facebook and Snapchat accounts. Meanwhile, some people initially thought the guy on the crane was about to commit suicide, and dozens of law enforcement officers showed up. Steve-O was of course promptly arrested when he climbed back down.

    Despite asking on Facebook, “Anyone wanna bail me out of jail?” Steve-O is still in custody. And yes, the inflatable Shamu is still up on the crane, though you can barely tell what it is in broad daylight, much less what’s written on it.