News Anchor Refuses to Talk About the Kardashians

News Anchor Refuses to Talk About the Kardashians

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    What do you MEAN, some people are tired of hearing about the Kardashians?

    Fox 35 news anchor and “Good Day Orlando” host John Brown walked off his own show when his co-host introduced a story about Kylie Jenner’s new bunny Bruce.

    Brown said he was having a good Friday and refused to talk about the Kardashians because nobody cares about them anymore. Co-anchor Amy Kaufeldt tried to get him to come back, but he wasn’t having it.


    He later posted the rant to his Facebook page, saying, “Here is the Kardashian rant. Sorry I lost my mind a bit, although it was partially in jest. I did feel better though after I was done.”

    Looks like Brown’s going to be missing out on the latest thrilling Kardashian news, like Kim’s naked pregnancy picture and whether or not she’s faking being pregnant at all. His loss.

    Also, it appears Fox 35 is still using Internet Explorer and Windows 98 for some reason. Time for an upgrade, maybe?