Tinder Freaks Out on Twitter About “Vanity Fair” Article

Tinder Freaks Out on Twitter About "Vanity Fair" Article

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    It’s always so awkward when couples get into a fight and start tweet-storming the whole thing at like 10pm. Especially when it’s a fight between a major publication and a hugely popular dating app.

    If you weren’t on Twitter to watch the meltdown last night, whoever runs social media for Tinder went on an hours-long #GenerationTinder rant about the new Vanity Fair article called “Tinder and the Dawn of the Dating Apocalypse.” You can swing by Tinder’s feed and scroll and scroll and scroll through the madness, or you can watch the above video and get the general idea.

    The article, by Nancy Jo Sales, is about how 20-somethings have embraced Tinder but also kind of hate it, and how it makes hookup culture easier and faster than ever – and also, that 30% of Tinder users are married.

    Tinder did not like that angle and decided to give Sales a piece of their mind, insisting that only 1.7% of Tinder users were married, and it’s actually about making connections and genuine relationships, and they even have users in China and North Korea, and what ever happened to journalism and fair reporting?

    The fallout is still going on today – particularly the North Korea detail, since the internet is tightly controlled by the government there.