Brooklyn Jogger Tries to Start a Fight

Brooklyn Jogger Tries to Start a Fight

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    In probably the most Brooklyn fight ever, a white jogger yelled “White privilege!” at a white couple for accidentally bumping into his leg with their stroller, while a bemused black cop tried to diffuse the situation.

    Apparently, the guy said “Excuse you” to the couple, and one of them responded with “fuck you,” which is practically like shaking hands in NYC – but it sent him into a huge tirade that attracted the attention of the whole block.

    At one point he said, “The only reason white people like you are living here is because I fucking settled this neighborhood for you.” To reiterate, he himself is white.

    Our theory is that he moved to this neighborhood as a blue collar worker or something before it became gentrified and expensive, in which case I believe the correct Social Justice term for this overreaction is “classism,” sir. Also, way to pat yourself on the back for living among scary people of color.