Sorority Girls Take Selfies at Diamondbacks/Rockies Game

Sorority Girls Take Selfies at Diamondbacks/Rockies Game

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    Here’s a topic that sparked an earnest debate in the What’s Trending office today.

    A group of girls from Alpha Chi Omega sorority from Arizona State attended a game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies at Chase Field last night. As the game came back from a commercial break, Diamondbacks announcers Steve Berthiaume and Bob Brenly noticed the girls taking a bunch of selfies and spent the better part of two minutes making fun of them.

    On the one hand, it is silly to go to a live sporting event and spend all your time goofing off on your phone instead of paying attention to the game or having conversations with people. And people taking selfies and making duck faces do look pretty ridiculous.

    On the other hand – and here’s my take on the story – it’s one thing for the announcers to poke fun at the girls for a couple of seconds, but by the third or fourth time the camera went back to them, it just came off as dickish. Ha ha, girls are so stupid for making faces at their phones and checking Instagram for a few minutes instead of paying attention to Very Important Things like men hitting balls with sticks and running in circles.

    Besides, the game must have been pretty boring if the announcers could afford to stop covering it for minutes at a time. If they don’t care about the game enough to watch it when that’s literally their job, why should the sorority girls?